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Andrea Muheim


Andrea Muheim was born in Mairengo (Switzerland). At the Kunstgewerbeschule in Lucerne he studied typography with Hans-Rudolf Lutz, drawing, painting, and illustration with Godi Hofmann, graphics and communication with Tino Steinemann, and photography with Urs Marty.
During those same years he was an intern in the Studio of Roberto Sambonet in Milan. The Milanese designer encouraged him to paint, giving him private lessons. Later, again in Milan, he studied at the Bottega di AG Fronzoni. After his studies he began working in Milan and Munich for Beda Achermann and had the chance to grow familiar with the world of fashion and especially with that of photography.
In 2000, he and Lioba Wackernell, his life companion, founded studio granit. Together they oversaw a series of catalogues “Antico Moderno” for the Galleria Mazzoleni Sambonet; they curated various catalogues, including Sound Zero, F wie Fellin and with Anne Schloen the catalogue brillant(e) for Kunst Meran/Merano arte; together with Francesca Bernasconi and Marco Franciolli, they curated the catalogues of the Markus Raetz and Wolfgang Laib exhibitions at MASI Lugano; with Francesco Stocchi, they curated the catalogue Lygia Pape and with Brigitte Niedermair the book Brigitte Niedermair / Sol LeWitt under the lenses for the Foundation Carriero in Milan; for the Damiani publisher the book Brigitte Niedermair Me and Fashion.
The artist has always been devoted to the figurative arts, based on the use of a whole range of techniques, and coming to terms with different artists and intellectuals from around the world.

In 2015 and 2019 he exhibits together with Sandro Fabbri at ES16 off Space Gallery and Tal17 Art in Zurich. In 2019 the work “Eredità. Il noce del nonno” will be shown in the exhibition Impression 2019, Kunsthaus Grenchen.