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Benedikt Bock

1987*, Zürich

Benedikt Bock (*1987, Dormagen Germany) is an artist and writer based in Zurich. Alongside his sculptural practice, he
writes literary texts, publishes, organizes readings, and curates exhibitions. Since 2018, Benedikt has shown his sculptures and
texts at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Helmhaus Zurich, Milieu Bern, Sangt Hipolyt Berlin, Winona
Brussels, and Hot Wheels Athens, among others. In 2020 he founded the reading platform „Texte zum Nachdenken“ with
various guests from literature and art. In 2022 he was awarded with two stipends from the city and Kanton of Zurich.
Currently Benedikt is working on his first novel.

IG: @schlendrianpfeiffer