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Nicolò Brezza

1991*, Triest

Nicolò Brezza is a visual artist born in Trieste, Italy in 1991. In 2015 he graduates in theatre and history of Italian cinema at DAMS, in Bologna, Italy. He then pursues his interests in visual arts and decides to continue his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia, where in 2018 he obtains an MFA in painting and sculpture, class of Arthur Duff. In his work the conventional elements of painting are reviewed and reassembled in order to alienate and disembody painting itself. His creative process lives through traditional painting; in attempt to reach a severe analytical distance by remaining paradoxically tied to old criteria and tradition, by exploring this paradox through painting, with painting to reach painting. Questioning the materiality of the pictorial dimension’s established canons, or to put in doubt its relationship with the space it occupies consent Nicolò Brezza to research painting’s most intimate nature, minimizing the artist’s personality as a consequence.

Abandoning artistic identity is the core theme of his creative process. Long exposures of linen oil on unprimed canvas characterize his creative process, giving the work itself the possibility of expressing an unexpected result, severely gaining distance from the subject himself. Time and atmospherical contingencies intervening on the materials used allow the work to progress and change its nature everytime, excluding finally the artist’s initial intention.

Contemporary art practice is always questioned in relation to its history; artists of all disciplines have to face with what has come before them, forcing them to start a real and vivid relationship with the past. Due to this necessary affair, artists deal with the work as if they were Paul Klee’s Angelus novus, which has an eye towards the past and the other directly facing in front of him, the present. Therefore, the produced artwork is Always conditioned by elements which are originated outside of ourselves, immersed in historical and aesthetic contexts. As a result of this particular condition, Brezza’s work attempts to find a way in creating something that has no style or historical reference at all, which is purely experience and not a bi product of experience itself.


Bild 1. “Scambi” 2018, (pp.35), illustrated book with original monotypes, texts by Ares Pipolo, Monotypes, prints, typographical ink, thread, glossy paper, oil on canvas, pencil, 21×29,7cm each, 2018
Bild 2. “Peggy”, fishing net, wood pegs, polyester rope, canvas, marble, variable size, 2018

All photos were taken by Giulio Buchicchio @giu_buk