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9. November 2021, 19 Uhr

Shapes of a Dancer

Shapes of a Dancer Is a collaborative multi media installation with live performance by Frances Mezzetti and Joyce Garvey.

It comments on Lucia Joyce, who lived under the shadow of her genius father and her search for her identity as an artist in her own right.

November is Samháin time, when nature seeds itself, cocooned, apparently, dormant yet drawing strength to re-emerge.


About Joyce Garvey

Dr. Joyce Garvey is a Scottish born multidisciplinary artist who uses her work to focus the observer on her constant themes of human and global damage.

She is the author of five art-directed novels including “Lucia: the Girl who Danced in Shadows‘ which inspired her award-winning film ‘Essence of an Artist’


Frances Mezzetti

Frances Mezzetti is a Dublin (Ireland) based visual artist. She works in live art, installation, video and sound. Her work is mostly collaborative, choosing to develop projects in relationships with others, exploring place and context.

This project on Lucia Joyce examines the reclaiming of her identity as artist, dancer and free spirit. With artist Joyce Garvey, we focus on Lucia’s Creative expression.

More information can be seen on: francesmezzetti.com
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