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Arttu Palmio

Helsinki / Amsterdam

Arttu Palmio studied contemporary dance and choreography in Helsinki and Amsterdam before graduating with Master of Fine Arts from Geneva School of Art and Design in 2018. Since then, they are working both as a maker and as a performer, on and off the stage. Using image, text, movement and sound, their work navigates between visual, choreographic and performative practices. They are interested in big and small dances, ecological expressionism, technology and intimacy. Their works have been shown at LIYH, Genève; Centre d’Art Contemporain, Genève; Grimmmuseum, Berlin;  and brut, Wien.

Image credits:

  1. Portrait: Jerlyn Heinzen
  2. To CAMP (I like to look at people), 2018. Photo: Mathilda Olmi.
  3. Antoni@’s Choice Part II: Life Lessons in Extimacy, 2018. Photo: Raphaelle Mueller.