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Cathrin Jarema

1989*, Brüssel

Cathrin Jarema is a multidisciplinary artist working between Brussels and Zurich.
Her practice spans over performance, audio-visual installations, interventions, writing, and sculpture; accompanied by process drawings and writings. Always navigating (in)-between fact and fiction. She is interested in thinking language as a tool and base for social choreography, exploring how personal experience is intertwined with our social and political reality and how this interplay creates narration. She works with humor, as a political tool for reflection, critique and a strategy, transforming space and giving agency to unexpected places or senses, opening and facilitating certain barriers that are normally there to offer control and give ‚sense‘ to reality.
Her works have been shown in: unanimous consent (Zurich), Museum Haus Konstruktiv (Zurich), Volksroom (Brussels), deMarkten (Brussels), RAE Space (Berlin), PERIODE (Berlin), Artemis Fontana (Paris), raum_station(Zurich) amongst others.