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Keijiro Suzuki

1981*, Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan

Keijiro Suzuki (b. 1981, Born in Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan, currently lives and works in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi, Japan) is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist, designer, cultural organizer and consultant.
With overlooking local and international communities in consideration, Suzuki delves into the usefulness of aesthetics, concepts, and art through diverse research and production methods, focusing on views of life, of the world, and intercultural values and perspectives, creating opportunities for empathy through dialogue and presentation, while exploring new insights and transformations in values.
In addition to international exhibitions and residencies in Japan and abroad, Suzuki develops educational programs such as „Encouragement of Leisure“ and therapeutic programs such as „Health Care Art,“ while working on proposals and suggestions to solve issues and problems in contemporary society.
At Fundaziun Nairs, Suzuki hopes to deepen learning and awareness through interaction and dialogue with local people on the theme of natural resources such as springs and social issues latent in the region that are common to Scuol and Yamaguchi City where Suzuki is based.