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Lucas Olivet

1985*, Geneva

Lucas Olivet
images refer to everyday things. Simultaneously, the photographs contain potential narratives made in known locations. This fusion is the fracture he’s looking for. Photography allows him to tell stories about people and their connection to a place. It takes us into a fertile mental space where familiarity or stranger scenarios are generated. An experience at once perceptual and phantasmic. He won the Fine Art category prize at The Swiss Photo Awards in 2016 for his work Black Water Ballad, published the same year by Editions JB, Geneva. He’s been part of the Visiting Artist Lecture Series from Pictet Bank (INT) also in 2016. Currently, Lucas Olivet is participating to l’Enquête photographique valaisanne and about to publish his next book with Kerber Verlag.


Bild 1. Deer, Lucas Olivet, 2015
Bild 2. Solca, Lucas Olivet, 2013
Bild 3. Janicki Twins, Lucas Olivet, 2013