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Rahel Kraft & Tomoko Hojo

1984*, Schweiz / Japan

Reborn Homes Through My Voice is an ongoing collaboration between Tomoko Hojo (Japan) and Rahel Kraft (Switzerland). Both work in the sound art and experimental music field. Hojo’s recent works focus on personal memories evoked by specific places and the instability of those memories and works with the Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater. Kraft is a vocalist/artist with an interest at the intersection of modern composition, improvisation, performance and installation. Her work often includes the site, listening practices and collective processes. Based on inter cultural differences and similarities, the two sound artists are dealing with listening to the other and the self through sharing unknown perspectives.

Bild 1. Reborn Homes Through My Voice. Hojo/Kraft 2017. Photo by Shu Nakagawa
Bild 2. Interview with Local Inhabitants Tokyo. Hojo/Kraft 2017. Photo by Rahel Kraft
Bild 3. Travelling Memories. Hojo/Kraft 2017. Photo by Shu Nakagawa